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Ward 1 City Council
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Elect Susan Olsen

North Ridgeville

Hi, I'm proud to announce my candidacy for Ward 1 City Council, in North Ridgeville.
I grew up believing that democracy
is participatory. My family held a strong
fondness for the privilege and the responsibility of voting.
That sense of responsibility has grown
stronger over the years, and now as a retired Union worker
I am willing to listen and ready to serve!

Why I'm Running for City Council

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There are many personal reasons compelling me to run; a sense of civic duty, for starters. But here is what I want you to know: I truly do want to represent the hard working people in Ward 1. They are family, they are friends, they are neighbors. I've been where some of you are. I've experienced working a full -time job while raising  a family, caring for aging family members, all while trying to engaging with the community.

I honestly understand the struggles of a single parent.

I see the heartache on the faces of those who don't seem to fit in.

As a city council person I will stand up for, and represent, the busy working families who can't attend city council meetings, or the folks who don't feel they have a voice in our City Hall. 

I will be your voice.

I grew up as the second child of 5, with an ingrained, desire to be the peacemaker. I learned at an early age problems
can’t be solved if we aren’t willing to talk to each other.  But we also need to  listen with a willingness to learn, not just wait for our turn to reply.


Today's political climate needs people with good listening skills.


My core beliefs...
Listen to every voice, especially the ones you don’t agree with
• Be willing to act in any way possible
• Be an advocate for the marginalized

• Put people over politics
• Use your voice

Willing to Listen ~ Ready to Serve

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About Me

I made North Ridgeville home when I married my  husband Jim in 1982. Together we raised 2 children and have welcomed 2 grandchildren to the family.  Our family also includes many adopted dogs over the years.

Before marriage I  graduated from Bowling Green State University

with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. My  degree has enabled many interesting job opportunities,

including lead cake decorator for Giant Eagle; where I  was able to retire with a full pension from the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Local 19 Union. After 31 years of service I continue to benefit from my Union membership.

In 2012...newly retired, I went on to become a Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT). You can find me teaching Zentangle classes in the Lorain County Metro Parks.

I love to donate my Zentangle Pet Portraits as fund raisers for local non profit groups and organizations.

I truly enjoy the world of art in all of its forms;

visual arts, literary arts, the performing arts and everything in between.

Any spare time I have will be spent drawing and finding solace in the world of art. Not to mention,  spending time with my family, friends, and taking the grand children to South Central Park.


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